24/24 Prayer

24/24 Prayer

Our church has always been marked by a strong culture of prayer and blessed with powerful worship.

The heart of 24/24 is to combine those two strengths and ELEVATE us in this hour to meet the urgent need for fervent prayer.

Our traditional 21 days of corporate fasting and praying will be expanded to 24-hour prayer for 24 days in 2024.

Our pastors will be leading two-hour prayer meetings, join us starting Tuesday, January 16th through Thursday, February 8th.

  • 12am-2am
  • 2am-4am
  • 4am-6am
  • 6am-8am (prayer & worship)
  • 8am-10am
  • 10am-12pm
  • 12pm-2pm (prayer & worship)
  • 2pm-4pm
  • 4pm-6pm
  • 6pm-8pm (prayer & worship)
  • 8pm-10pm
  • 10pm-12pm

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