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Join Us In…The Great Treasure Quest!

Captain Seeks and his first mate, Mr. Muh, discovered a mysterious map containing many symbols, words, and directions.  They have traveled to the island on the map to follow the strange clues, hoping to discover what has been called, “The Greatest Collection of Treasure on the Earth”!

Beware the Scalawags!  This ruthless band of pirates uses all their abilities to keep anyone from discovering The Great Treasure.  Boys and girls, with YOUR help, Captain Seeks and Mr. Muh can find each of the treasures hidden on the island!

  • Early Bird (now-July 4th): $85.00
  • Regular (July 5th-July 24th) $100.00
  • Late Registration (July 25th) $125.00

Children who are 1st-5th grade (6 – 11 year old)

Camp Check-In & Check-Out: 

Monday – Thursday, July 25th – 28th:

Drop off : 7am

Event Starts: 8am

Parent pick up: 4pm

Friday, July 29th:

Drop opens: 7am

Event Starts: 8am

Family Night (Dinner Provided for your whole family): 6pm

Event ends: 730pm

Camp packets will be emailed to every registered camper

June 15th!

Basic Kids Camp Details:
  1. Structure – Each camper is placed on a team led by an adult leader and youth assistant who are approved by King’s. For the entirety of the camp, the campers are under their leaders’ direct supervision and authority.
  2. Schedule – This is a day camp. Our daily schedule includes indoor/outdoor activities, team competitions, and powerful worship experiences!
  3. Safety – The first priority of every leader at camp is safety. Each camper is required to obey the camp rules in order for us to provide a safe environment for them.  Campers who do not abide by the camp rules will not be allowed to remain at camp.  Minor injuries will be treated by our Camp Nurse.  Parents and emergency personnel will immediately be contacted for any major injury.

See FAQ’s below for more information

Check-In Process
  1. Forms – A quick check to make sure all your paperwork is in.
  2. Payment – If you owe anything
  3. Personal Care – Check-in with our Camp Nurse, all medication must be declared and checked in.
  4. Cash Concession – All cash will be exchanged to concession card
  5. Team Assignment – Last step!  Make sure you label your property!

Parent must walk with camper through each step

 Frequently Asked Questions
  • May I visit my camper during camp?
    • No, parents are asked to refrain from coming to visit the camp. Campers who see their parent will generally opt to go home and not enjoy the full camp, causing them to miss what God has personally prepared for them.
  • May my camper bring their phone to camp?
    • No, please have your student leave their mobile phones at home.  In the event of an emergency, the Camp Staff will contact you (the parents and/or emergency contact) directly.
  • Can I send spending money for snacks, sodas, etc.?
    • Yes! Camp concession is open during our afternoon activities. Spending money must be turned in during Camp Check-In and will be exchanged for a camp cash card with your child’s name on it. It will be kept by the Camp Staff for your child to purchase from.
  • Can my child administer their own medicine?
    • No, for the safety of the entire camp, all medicines and supplements must be turned in at Camp Check-In.  Our Camp Nurse will be responsible to administer medicines at their prescribed time.
  • What if my child has allergies?
    • The online Camp Registration form includes allergy notifications.  Please list any and all allergies on the registration form.

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