Hi, I’m Pastor Jamie from King’s Ozark. I want to testify. We have had the most amazing people come into our house. God has brought us laborers in the harvest field just as we prayed. God of the harvest bring us laborers. He has done just that. One example of this that we are just so amazed by is that we have been praying in our early morning prayer centers for months about a bus ministry. We needed not just vans, but we needed somebody that would take hold of this bus ministry. And one day, one service, it was actually during the John Harke revivals. This family comes in and they bring this limousine full of kids and youth to the church to the revival. And kids were getting slain in the spirit. They were being called into ministry. They were getting prophetic words. It was an incredible time. And they came to us and they said, we’ve been looking for a church. This is our home Kings Ozark is our home. In fact, they’ve even come to this conference. They’re like the first people from Kings Ozark that have come to the Power Conference or to any conference. This just happened a couple months agoand they said we were wanting to pick up kids and do a bus ministry.

We were struggling trying to even find a church, but we were committed to picking up kids with whatever God was and going to whatever church was near us. Well, their car started to fill up, so they started praying for a van. And she got on Facebook marketplace and found this van that she was really excited about. It was a brown, ugly van. And she went to try to purchase it. It was a really great price. They could afford it and the guy sold it out from under them. It was gone. She mourned over the loss of this ugly brown van. God, we need a van. And little did she know that God had bigger plans in store. And he brought them a limousine, not just a beat up limousine that needed work. A beautiful, fully furnished limousine. And God has allowed them to pick up kids in this limousine and bring them to church. So now Kings Ozark has a limo service picking up kids and youth for Jesus. Not only that, but get this. So the air conditioning went out in this limousine in the hottest season of our summer.

And they called the kids parents saying, I’m so sorry, we cannot pick up your kids this week. Our air conditioner is out and it’s not safe for them to be in that vehicle. Well, one of the the families, one of the kids that they pick up, the mom and dad said, oh, no, we love what you do for our children. They’ve changed for the good and we want to pay for any repairs that you need for the limousine. Plus, there’s only a handful of mechanics who will work on limousines. So they directed them to the right people, paid for the repairs, and they don’t even come to church. They pick up their daughter and their son to come to church. And so God did the miracle. And I’m just encouraging all of you expect bigger and better God. God’s plans for us are bigger and better than we could ever ask or imagine or think. And I’m ready to see King’s bus ministry be actually King’s royalty limo ministry. So get on board with me. Get on board with me. We’re going to have a good time in this harvest of souls in Jesus name.

Oh, God, Lord, you see that the harvest is great and the laborers are few. But God, you are bringing in laborers, obedient laborers into the harvest field. God, we pray that you would bless every extension with not just buses. Oh God, but Lord everything they need above and beyond what they could ask or imagine. We are your children and we are royalty. God and Lord. I pray that everyone that steps foot into the house of God would feel like they’re royalty. That would feel like they found a home in you. And Lord, I thank you for what you’re doing. We thank you for your provisions above and beyond. Lord, fill us full of faith today in Jesus name. Amen.

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